WE1MA power line multi-meters

Perform measurement and monitoring for 213 points in 52 categories for Single-phase/2-wire, Single-phase/3-wire, 3-phase/3-wire, and 3-phase/4-wire


• With one unit, you can measure or monitor the voltage, current, demand current, power, demand power, reactive
power, apparent power, power factor, frequency, leakage current, harmonic effective value (A,V), distortion, harmonic content rate, power level, and reactive power level.
• The unit supports 3-phase/3-wire, Single-phase/3-wire, and Single-phase/2-wire and switching to 3-phase/4-wire is supported with 2VT, 3CT/3VT, or 3CT settings.
• The measurements are displayed using a four-element display: one display on the main monitor and three displays
on the sub-monitors along with a bar graph.
• Measure and output alarms for leakage current.
• Outputs include four analog circuits, a pulse output, an alarm output, a CPU error output, and a communications output
(according to specification).
• Communications output supports F-MPC Net, CC-Link, AnyWire, Modbus RTU, and RS-485 (according to user
• All models comply with the RoHS Directive (i.e., lead-free)