TH Series

The EMS Electronic Domestic Smart Meter is perfect for residential applications. It can be used as a visual read meter or in a fully AMR enabled format allowing ultimate ease in meter reading. The electronic domestic smart meter delivers accurate readings and eliminates under-recording of consumption in areas affected by grit and sand. 

Non-magnetic drive (NMD) design: metering accuracy is completely maintained, since no internal parts can be manipulated by magnet, making it immune to any magnetic fraud

High-contrast LCD display to indicate totalizers, instant flow-rate and smart functions.

Technical Data :

Technical Information

Model TH15 TH20 TH25 TH40 TH50
DN(mm) 15(1/2″) 20(3/4″) 25(1″) 40(1 1/2″) 50(2″)
ISO4064:1993 (Class C)
 Qt~Qs ±2 % 0.0225~3 0.0375~5 0.0525~7 0.15~20 0.225~30
 Qmin~Qt ±5% 0.015~0.0225 0.025~0.0375 0.035~0.0525 0.1~0.15 0.09~0.225
 Q2~Q4 ±2% 0.016~3.125 0.0256~5 0.04032~0.7.875 0.1024~20 0.16~31.25
 Q1~Q2 ±5% 0.010~0.0016 0.016~0.0256 0.0252~0.04032 0.064~0.1024 0.1~0.16
Q3/Q1 250 250 250 250 250
Max. Fluid Temperature      50°C
Max. Working Pressure     10 Bar / 1Mpa
Ambient Working Temperature      -25°C ~ 70°C
Enclosure Rating      IEC60529  IP68 
Measured Fluid     Tab Water, Clean Water 
Case Material      Copper Alloy
Output     Digital Encoding,  can be extend to 4-20mA, Pulse, RS-485, ModBus(RTU)
Communication Distance      150m,Max. Communication Distance 1000m
Power Supply     Built-in 8 years Lithium Battery (Under Normal Usage)