InduSoft and ISaGRAF based ViewPAC Programmable Controller with 5.7” LCD Touch Screen with Windows CE.NET 5.0. Ingress Protection – Front panel: IP65. Supports Operating Temperatures between -25 ° to 70°C (68° F – 158° F)


VP-25W6 ViewPAC Programmable Automation Controller is the new generation WinCE based PAC from ICP DAS. ViewPAC combines WinPAC Controller, graphic display and keypad in one unit. It equips a PXA270 CPU (520MHz) running Windows CE.NET 5.0 operating system, variant connectivities (USB, Ethernet, RS-232/485), 3 slots to expand I/O modules, 3.5”/5.7” TFT LCD and a rubber keypad.

Windows CE.NET 5.0 includes hard real-time capability, small core size, fast boot speed, interrupt handling, and deterministic control. The VP-25W6 also featurespowerful InduSoft Web Studio SCADA Sofware and ISaGRAF IEC-61131 Software.InduSoft is a powerful, integrated collection ofautomation development software development environment that includes all the building blocks needed to develop a Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. ISaGRAF is a PLC-like software and supports all five IEC61131-3 languages (Ladder Logic, Structured Text, Function Block Diagram, Sequential Flow Chart)

Compared to traditional IPC + PLC solutions, ViewPAC reduces overall system cost, space and gives you all the best features of IPC and PLC.