Proline Prowirl F 200 vortex flowmeter

Prowirl is an intrinsically safe, 4-20mA flowmeter that can be used even in Zone 0 hazardous areas. It is the first flowmeter developed according to the IEC 61508 international standard for functional safety.

The Prowirl F 200 is the first flowmeter that is able to measure steam and mass energy, warning if wet steam is in the line and even estimating the concentration. This unique feature guarantees the highest process safety and helps to keep operating costs to a minimum.


  • Long-term stability
  • Seamless system integration thanks to two-wire technology
  • Unaffected by shocks and vibration – ideal for heavy duty applications
  • Intrinsically safe
  • No maintenance needed
  • Integrated temperature measurement for mass/energy flow of steam, gases and liquids (optional)