PAC3200 Power Meter

The SENTRON PAC3200 is a powerful compact power monitoring device that is suitable for use in industrial, government and commercial applications where basic metering and energy monitoring is required. The meter may be used as a standalone device monitoring over 50 parameters or as part of an industrial control, building automation or global power monitoring system. Metering and monitoring applications range from simple analog volt and amp meter replacements to stand-alone sub billing or cost allocation installations with multiple tariffs.

The PAC3200 provides open communications using ModbusRTU/TCP, PROFIBUS-DP, and PROFINET protocols for easy integration into any local or remote monitoring system. Simple configuration of the meter can be done from the front display.

Features and Benefits

■ ANSI C12.20 Class 0.5s
■  Energy Measurement
– Voltage +/- 3%
– Current +/- 3%
– Power Factor +/- 5%
– Sampling Rate 64/per cycle
– Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)
■ Revenue Accurate
– Sub Billing
– Cost Allocation
■ Cost Effective