One Meter Works for Both Energy Saving and Power Surveillance

Feb. 2017 Upgraded
For Standard type and Advanced type

  • Resolution of integral active power measurement from 0.01Wh; which helps you to monitor detail data of shorter period.

    * For RS485 communication only. (Display data range of KW9M has not been changed.)

  • 115,200 and 57,600 bps are added to RS485 transmission speed for high speed data collection.


  • Large-screen LCD with backlight clearly displays the electric power of each phases and their total on one screen.
  • Capable of displaying small currents of 1 mA or above
  • Capable of simultaneously measuring up to three circuits in a single phase two-wire system of same power supply.
  • Data can be made visualization by connecting the meter to DLL and logging the data.
  • You can measure power with a direct connection to an already-installed large-capacity general-purpose CT (secondary side 1 A / 5 A type).
  • Free visualization software for supporting energy management.
  • Demand measuring function compliant with IEC61557-12 effective for energy saving
  • Harmonic measurement

Advanced type only

  • Improvement of between phases unbalance
  • N-phase measurement using the fourth CT.
  • Equipped with input and output terminals.
  • Various log functions available