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Digital Power Meter YADA MODEL YD2202
Detailed Product Description
power meter, LCD display, cumulative power, harmonics measurement, events records, DI, DO and communication. Obtain CE certification

YD2202 is a new mullti-functional power analyzer meter with digital,intelligent and networking characteristics,as well as functions of programmable ,automated measurement,LCD display ,cumulative power,harmonics measurement,events records(SOE),input(DI),output(DO) and communication etc.Has strong ability of antielectromagnetic compatibilityand obtain CE certification.

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Product Details:
Place of Origin : Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name : YADA
Model Number : YD2202
Measuring Current Range : 0~5A
Measuring Voltage Range : 30~600V
Frequency : 45-65Hz
Accuracy Class : 0.5
Operating Temperature : -15~55
Dimensions : 74*88.5*27mm
certificate : CE
Detailed Product Description
Computation Import active energy | reactive energy
Export active energy | reactive energy
Monitor LCD Display, 3 displays; 4 operation keys
Communication RS-485 port,ModBus-RTU protocol; 32(128) networking
System 3P4W | 3P4W BAL | 3P3W | 3P3W BAL | 1P2W | 1P3W
Programmable 3-5 daysMeasuring System: 3P4W/3P3W etc.
Transformation :RatioPT; CT
Comms.Add. (1-247);Baud rate (1200-19200);Parity bit (N/E/O)
Dimension Mounting panel: 72*72mm
Mounting Panel Mounting Hole:92x92mm
Power Supply (AC/DC) AC85-265V or DC85 330V (Standard)
Power Consumption < 4VA
Working Conditions Temp.:-15-55, Humid: 20-95% (without condensation)