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Digital Power Meter YADA MODEL YD2040
Detailed Product Description
- power meter
- LCD display.
- RS-485 port, Modbus -RTU protocol
- Ce certificate.

YD2040 is a LCD display power analyzer meter, measuing and displaying all the measured parameters in one circuit and computing four quadrants energy This model can work in wide temperature range.

Voltage (Ph-Ph/Ph-N) | Current (Ph-Ph/Ph-N) | Active Power | Reactive Power | Apparent Power | Frequency | Power Factor | Neutral Current



Product Details:
Place of Origin : Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name : YADA
Model Number : YD2040
Measuring Current Range : 0~6A
Measuring Voltage Range : 30~600V
Frequency : 45-65Hz
Accuracy Class : 0.2
Operating Temperature : -25~55
Dimensions : 72*72mm
certificate : CE
Detailed Product Description
Computation Import active energy | reactive energy
Export active energy | reactive energy
Monitor LCD Display, 3 displays; 4 operation keys
Communication RS-485 port,ModBus-RTU protocol; 32(128) networking
System 3P4W | 3P4W BAL | 3P3W | 3P3W BAL | 1P2W | 1P3W
Programmable 3-5 daysMeasuring System: 3P4W/3P3W etc.
Transformation :RatioPT; CT
Comms.Add. (1-247);Baud rate (1200-19200);Parity bit (N/E/O)
Dimension Mounting panel: 72*72mm
Mounting Panel Mounting Hole:92x92mm
Power Supply (AC/DC) AC85-265V or DC85 330V (Standard)
Power Consumption < 4VA
Working Conditions Temp.:-15-55, Humid: 20-95% (without condensation)