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TAIK Model S7-330

Multifunctional Power Meter
.Measurement of current, voltage, active,reactive and apparent power, power factor,line frequency, energy, harmonic and MD.
.High-brightness LEDs display
.Extreme accuracy up to 0.2%
.Programmable adjustment for current and voltage transformers ratio
.With RS485 output
.Indication of neutral current
.Dual relay contact for energy or alarm output (option)
.Dual analog output (option)
.Setting protected by password
.Memory of all setting values and energy data over ten years
.Memory of the Max. and Min. values (V. A. W)
.Outside dimension compatible for DIN standard 96x96mm

Electrical parameters measurement
One unit for measurement of the main electrical parameters including voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, frequency, active energy, reactive energy, total harmonic distortion in voltage and current



.Energy management
.Process control system
.Building automation system
.Automatic controlling equipment
.Energy saving system/equipment
.A variety of switchboards in low/medium tension electric networks

The S7-330 is an upgraded model under the S7 Series of Multifunctional Power Meters. This new model equips not only original features but also adds new state of the art characteristics and functions.
The S7-330 is a microprocessor-based instrument with a 16 bit algorithm which is used for the measurement, monitoring, and management of electrical parameters in either single phase or 3-phase systems. This meter offers outstanding quality, flexibility, and ease of use in a low-cost and compact configuration.
These added characteristics include actual demand measurement in 4 parameters (A, VA, W, Var). The demand measurement of these selected parameters will be programmed by setting the time in a period. This unit also equips 2 galvanically isolated analog outputs (DC4-20mA or DC1-5V), and these measured electrical parameters can be assigned to the required analog signal for a precise control to the load. Furthermore, this model also allows for the acquirement of measured signals with harmonics up to the 31th content as the waveform is in a distored and non- continuous condition.The S7-330 is pro- grammable measuring instrument for monitor- ing voltage, current,
power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency, harmonic components and max. demand in A, VA, W,Var.
TAIK’s new S7-330 is also programmed by 5 push buttons on the front panel, and the displaying screen in 3 rows of 4 digits resolution on all instantaneous alphanumeric readings is luminesced by the selected bright LEDs. With this meter, the required electric parameters can be effectively monitored by relay contactors, analog outputs and a convenient digital output. This meter is equipped with serial communication for a remote control through standard interface in the form of RS-485. Meanwhile, the S7-330 also ultilizes the Modbus communication protocal to transmit all electrical information in a digital form to PC, PLC, SCADA and even a display repeater.
This unit has specially designed for power monitoring applications in the field of industry, factory and building. It features main advantages with high performance, low cost, easy installation and stability, which can completely satisfy all customers’ demands on their applications. With a combination of innovation and conventional process is thoroughly created a multi-function measuring instrument for a complete resolution of all difficulties in electricity. With this meter will save you more cost on all energy consumption.