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MDM3100 is a powerful multifunction power meter with modular design, which can be applied for monitoring and controlling of the electrical system.


Large Size
MDM3100 can measure and analyze real time data, such as U, I, P, Q, S, COSΦ, F, kWh, kVAr, etc. MDM3100 has the following functions: RS-485 communication port, 2 energy pulse output (include active energy and reactive energy), Max/min data record, and SOE event record. MDM3100 can extend functions by choosing the external optional modules: harmonic analysis, 8 remote signals on/off mode, programmable 4 analog outputs (0~5V or 4~20mA optional), data storage, Profibus Com. protocol, Ethernet communication functions. The multi-tariff function allows the user to measure energy in any interval (the min. interval is 30min.), which can read the sum, sharp, peak, valley, flat energy data in 30 days, and measure 2nd to 63rd harmonics in statistics.


All our instruments fulfill all important requirements and regulations concerning electromagnetic compatibility and safety isolation (IEC61000, IEC1010 standard and EN61010 standard). The devices have been developed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with Quality Assurance System ISO 9001.


Measured scope
The meter MDM3100 can be applied in single phase, 3-Ph 3Wire, 3-Ph 4Wire system. It can be applied vastly in the field of secondary measurement in high Voltage, low Voltage system, or transmission of measured data



.Energy management
.Process control system
.Building automation system
.Automatic controlling equipment
.Energy saving system/equipment
.A variety of switchboards in low/medium tension electric networks