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The UMG 96S is a measurement instrument which is suitable for measuring, recording and monitoring electrical parameters (True-RMS) in low and medium voltage networks. The measurement is suitable for 1 and 3-phase systems with a neutral conductor in low and medium voltage networks.


The main characteristic of the measurement instrument is the compact construction (96x96 mm) and the measurement of harmonic currents and voltages in each external conductor.


Large Size
Large Size

In order to achieve functional diversity of the universal measurement instrument, you would need around 15 analogue units such as an ampere meter, volt meter, volt meter switch, power meter (kW, kVA, kvar, cos), an effective and reactive energy meter (kWh/kvarh), a harmonic analyser and a measurement converter. This means that the planning, installation, wiring and storage costs are significantly reduced for the UMG 96S in comparison to analogue measuring instruments.


Areas of application
.monitoring and controlling of electrical parameters in energy distribution systems
.Measurement value generator for building management systems and PLC Nächste Ansicht


Display examples


LCD contrast

The contrast of the LCD display can be adapted by the user. In order to achieve the optimum contrast throughout the full operating temperature range, an automatic contrast setting takes place using the measured inside temperature.