Gas Flow Meter TBX | TBZ  

Air Flow Meter - BF300
● Service: BF300 for high flows of gas, liquid and steam
● Material: Aluminum alloy case with paint
● Body Wetted Parts: In SUS316, PTFE lined, plastic. Others on request. Indication via magnetic coupling (no sealed)
● Scales Calibrated: in ℓ/h, m³/h, kg/h, %, etc.
● Flow Rates For: - Water: 30 ℓ/h up to 120,000 ℓ/h. (special ranges on request)
- Air: 0.1 Nm³/h up to 450 Nm³/h (special ranges on request)
● Connection Type: - flange type, trip clamp & sanitary (others on request)
● Mounting Length: 250mm standard; 350mm explosion proof
● Temperature: -50ºC to +200ºC (300ºC option)
● Protection Class: IP65 or explsoion proof, CLASS I, GROUPS B,C &D; CLASS II, GROUPS E,F &G; NEMA 4,7,9
● Accuracy: ±2% F.S (±1.6% F.S option)
● Max. Pressure: 40 kg/cm²(standard), (option: up to 100 kg/cm²)
● Option: Switch available (Micro switch: 3A/250VAC, 5A/30VDC, 0.4/125VDC), adjustable inductive alarm switch available, 4~20mA two wires analog output available
● Connection Size: 1/2"~5"
Turbine Gas Meter
Compact, High accuracy, and lowcost. The stylish body is full of your needs.

Turbine gas meters TBZ and TBX series, developed to measure gas consumption of a small boiler, an individual furnace, or other individual gas equipment, are achieved to have high accuracy consists with the light-weighted compact stylish body.
They can widely correspond to maximum working pressure and maximum measuring flow-rate.
The built-in 2-systems pulse transmitter allows your configuration of a remote reading system or of an advanced energy management system. Also, TBZ series even offers temperature / pressure compensation function that is to display gas consumption converted to its volume at the standard conditions (0,1 atms ), etc.
•Lowcost and compact-size comparing with conventional gas meters
•Measuring all uray of ±1%FS (Full Scale) and ±3%RS (Reading Scale)
•Wide correspondence to maximum working pressure*
•Free installation position
•Built-in 2-systems pulse transmitter
•Various measurable gases
•Liquid crystal display wherewith many information can be confirmed
•Temperature/pressure compensation function (Selective)
•7 years of non-stop operation
* From low pressure to medium / high pressure
 Model TBX
 Model TBZ

Manual for Selecting Aichi Turbine Gas Meter Model TBZ Series and TBX Series
Model TBZ Series
For TBZ series, there are models that have temperature / pressure compensation function. This function is to convert measured actual gas flow to gas flow at certain temperature and / or pressure condition for display, as gas volume changes by variation of temperature and pressure. The relationship between TBZ model and temperature / pressure compensation function is as the following table.
Normally, temperature / pressure condition at which measured actual gas flow is compensated will be Temperature 0°C and Pressure 1 atm (1atmospheric pressure). However, other value could be set in case it is requested (There are condition to select the value).

Also, at the time of placing order of TBZ series, please kindly select direction of flow from the following table.
Model TBX Series
At the time of placing order of TBX series, please kindly select direction of flow from the following table. For TBX30, please also select nominal diameter from 32mm or 40mm.